Bacterials lysates

Bacterial lysates are products acting imunomodulatory on imune system.
In clinical practise they are mainly used in patients suffering from chronic and frequent upper and lower respiratory and urinary tract diseases.

Bacterial lysates in general

Bacterial lysates are substances which influence on the immune system is similar to allergens or vaccines. They are made of autolysed cultures of microbes or their parts- bacterial wall, organells. To clarify, bacterial lysates can be thought of as harmless and purified particles derived from broken bacterial cells. There are different methods of bacterial destruction- mechanical, chemical, physical (freezing and repeated heating) or enzymatic fermentation.

Cells are produced by modern fermentation technology using special culture media. The resulting bacterial mass is gently inactivated, concentrated and lysed (broken). The resulting lysate is then purified. Bacterial particles due to their stable structure, are able to act very effectively on the immune system, simulate it, and prepare it in advance to meet the microorganism that can cause certain diseases- this is called immunomodulation. Therapeutic benefit of these products is given by bacterial spieces which are lysates prepared from.

Bacterial antigens are natural external environment antigens influencing human organism. 

They are recognized by human immune system which is able to create defensive reaction against them. According to experimental studies these products seem safe and without addverse effects.

It is well known, that therapeutical benefit of this immunomodulatory products is given by certain microorganism, they are made of, so these single lysates do not compete, but complement each other.

Not only influence on bacterial infections, but also positive effect to general non-specific imunity was experimantally proved, which manifest as increased resistance to viruses, tumors or radiation.

Bacterial lysates - Bohemia Pharmaceuticals

BP owns BL which are made of special bacterial spieces, which have been isolated from clinical samples. BL production and developement in our company has a long tradition and our know-how reflects in high quality of our products.

Content and composition of every single BL in products can differ. There is a possibility to develop the individual structure or concentration of the product from bacterias acquired from infectious focus in particular patient (nasopharynx, tonsils, abscess, furunculi, urine,...), or from mixture of stocked epidemiologically actual species in repetitive infections in different individuals.

Cells are produced by advanced fermentation methods in special culture medium. Acquired bacterial mass is then lysed (smashed) and inactivated. Resulting product is subsequently purified.

Many publications have already proved a complex influence of BL to immune system and antigenic stimulation transfer of immunomoduratory molecules from intestinal content to lymfatic tissue.

BL are characterised by:

  • High therapeutic effect
  • Practically zero toxicity